Casinos Accepting Visa Electron


VISA Electron is one of the most popular payment methods around. It’s a debit card running on VISA’s payment system, however, it is slightly different to VISA Debit. This is because you have to have all funds available in your account to use Electron – VISA Debit users can go overdrawn. This payment method is exceptionally simple to use, plus there aren’t usually any fees – two good reasons why this banking option has become so popular in online gambling circles.

You’ll find that this payment method is accepted at pretty much all good online casino sites. You can discover the best of these sites by reading through the reviews we’ve created, all of which are comprehensive and contain all the information about the website in question.

Getting Started

If you’ve already got a debit card of this type, there’s nothing else to do to prepare for using it online. Instead, just head to an online casino, input the details and you’ll be ready to start playing the whole range of different games. The fact that so many people already have this type of debit card is the main reason why it’s so popular with players at gambling sites.

Don’t have a card of this type, but would like one? If so, you’ll find many different issuers. Just quickly Google the topic and you’ll find plenty of places offering this type of card. You’ll have to apply and then wait a while for the card to arrive in the post, however, once you have it, it can immediately be used at many different casinos, as well as loads of other websites too.

Casino Deposits

Looking to make your first deposit using a VISA Electron card? If so, you’ll find that it’s incredibly easy. The first thing you’ll need to do is head to the banking section of the casino, before then selecting the relevant depositing option. Sometimes this method will be included within a generic “debit cards” section. If it isn’t specifically being offered, contact customer support first, just to make sure it’s accepted, as a handful of sites don’t accept this method.

Once you’ve clarified that this method can be used, you will need to fill in a few details. This includes your name, account number and the CVV number from the back of the card. Then submit the depositing request and the money will be transferred into your casino account almost immediately – there’s no waiting around when using this payment option. As you can see, the whole depositing process really is an incredibly simple one!

Casino Withdrawals

VISA Electron cards can’t be used to withdraw money from an online gambling site, which is incredibly inconvenient for many. Instead, those who deposited using this method will need to choose another withdrawal option, such as a different type of VISA card, or perhaps an e-wallet, like PayPal. We would advise all players to look through the withdrawal options on offer at a site before depositing any money, just to ensure that there’s at least one acceptable payout option. This will prevent any surprises when trying to withdraw any money you’ve managed to win.


The biggest advantage of this payment method is convenience. If you own a card of this type, there’s no need to spend ages setting anything up – instead, just type in the details and you’ll be ready to go. There’s also no need to remember any usernames or passwords, as all the details you’ll need are printed directly on the card. Your card details will often be saved after your first deposit too, which makes everything even easier when you make further deposits.

Another big advantage of this depositing method is the fact that you can’t ever go overdrawn when using it. Your deposit will quite simply be rejected if the required funds aren’t in your account when attempting to pay. This will help some players for whom money management isn’t a strong point. Other debit cards will allow a user to go overdrawn, which can often lead to debt and a large number of costs.

There are also no costs when it comes to using this payment option, as is the case with the majority of other debit and credit cards. This is a major advantage over other methods, such as e-wallets, which nearly always charge for using them. The result? You can spend every last bit of the deposit playing top games, such as slots and table games. Of course, it’s prudent to double check that a casino doesn’t impose fees of its own before making a deposit though.

Finally, those depositing with this payment option are nearly always eligible to claim bonuses and promotions offered by the casino in question. Some other methods though, including Skrill and Neteller, are often restricted from bonus offers. So, if you’re looking for big bonuses, we’d certainly recommend depositing using this debit card.


The biggest disadvantage of using this payment method has already been covered: it’s the fact that it can’t be used to make withdrawals. This means that a different withdrawal option needs to be chosen, and withdrawing using a different method can make keeping track of finances slightly difficult. Many would simply instead prefer to pick a depositing option that can also be used to receive payouts.

The other disadvantage is the fact that you’ll have to input banking details at the online casino – something that many people simply don’t like to do. While we can guarantee that banking details will be completely safe when playing at a site we recommend, we still understand why some are nervous about giving them out. If you’re concerned about this, why not use an e-wallet instead? Doing so will ensure you never reveal banking details to an online casino website.


How does this payment method differ from other cards?

This is a debit card, unlike other types of debit cards, it is impossible to go overdrawn. If you don’t have the money in the account, the payment request will simply be rejected. This helps many to keep control of their finances.

Is it a widely accepted payment method?

Yes, you will find that this payment option is accepted at a huge number of online gambling websites, including many of the casinos we recommend here on this site. So, users of this method have a huge amount of choice when choosing their next place to play.

How much can I deposit using this option?

There is no restriction from VISA when it comes to the amount that can be spent, so technically you could deposit huge sums. Realistically though, casinos usually have minimum and maximum deposit amounts, which should be checked before signing up with them.

Is it safe?

Yes, we think that this payment method is incredibly safe to use, especially if you play at one of the casinos we’ve recommended. If you’d prefer not to input banking details though, we’d recommend using one of the many different e-wallets.

Where’s the best casino accepting this depositing method?

The best sites accepting this payment method can be found by looking through the various reviews we’ve published on this site. You’ll easily be able to compare casinos when looking through the reviews, which will lead to you finding the top place to play.