Casinos Accepting CASHlib

Cashlib is an e-money service originating from France that has now spread to several European countries. It’s another of the prepaid voucher kind, where a voucher is purchased in a physical store on online and then used to top-up other accounts or make purchases from participating merchants.

Of course, it can also be used to deposit money into online casinos, and this is often the primary purposes of such e-money services.

Cashlib is actually one of the more accepted e-money methods at online casinos so it’s clear the punters have spoken.

Cashlib Overview

Cashlib is a top-up voucher service which is often called e-money. It is very similar to several competitor services including PaySafeCard.

Just like those services it is very simple to use and doesn’t require any registration, creation of any accounts or indeed even a debit or credit card or a bank account.

As such it is perfectly poised to capture the so-called “bankless” part of the financial market which is larger than you might think. Adding that in some European countries, it can be hard to get a credit card, it’s easy to see why services like these are very popular.

They are also great for those…

…who do not wish to use their cards or bank accounts to deal with online purchases. Privacy-minded customers, whose numbers are growing all the time, value the security of their personal data and do not like the idea of just any company out there getting their data to use for whatever.

But if no data is ever given that means it can never be hacked or abused in any way.

It’s good to know…

…that the company also takes security very seriously and has encryption on their website as well as a dedicated page to inform their users about how to stay safe online and avoid scams.

Sadly, scams are a fact of life on the Internet and it’s good to see payment processing companies do their share to combat this unwanted and dangerous phenomenon.

On this page, customers will be able to find out what are some of the most common scams and how to recognize and avoid them which is a great resource for those who are new to e-money and thus most likely to get taken advantage of.

The vouchers come…

…in different denominations suiting various needs. It’s also a great way to ration and budget plan for punters since with this method they won’t just be able to deposit an arbitrary amount.

As most other payment methods…

…Cashlib can easily be used from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Because all the merchant or casino needs is the PIN code and the code can easily be entered into the mobile site version of the online casino.

It makes a lot of sense given the rise of mobile gambling that’s been happening for quite some time.

Smartphones, Tablets, and Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are becoming more and more the main way that people interact with the internet. And that is also true of payment services and playing at online casinos because people just don’t want to be shackled to their desktop or laptop computers any more. Not to mention actually going to a physical casino.

Now everyone is enjoying payments and purchases from the comfort or as the case may be the discomfort of anywhere they are at the moment.

Of course, Cashlib is totally mobile-friendly as all companies who wish to survive in today’s cutthroat market must be. Their mobile site is as full-featured and easy to use as their desktop counterpart.

While they do not currently have an app for Android or iOS, they don’t really actually need it. Since the vouchers are not tied to a user account there’s no need for an app. The balance can be checked on their website using the PIN code and the checker page works great no matter what device it’s used from.

That said, an app could be nice and we hope this changes in the future because it would be a great way to locate stores where vouchers can be purchased while on the go.

There is a kind of store locator on the website but it is finicky as is and even more so in mobile browsers.

How to Purchase

There are two ways to purchase Cashlib vouchers. The first is the way most e-money vouchers are purchased. Going to a brick-and-mortar place such as a shop, kiosk, or a gas station and handing over the money in return for a little piece of cardboard with a number on it.

The number is called a PIN code and will be used to identify that voucher and transfer the money from it to a merchant.

This way of doing things can be used in countries such as the Netherlands, France, and the UK as well as a handful of other European countries. To see a full list, visit the website as it is ever-changing.

Available for purchase are vouchers of different denominations depending on the region and the currency used.

It’s important to note that the cards do have an expiry date and it’s 12 months. Some merchants offer the option of giving out change when purchasing an item less than the face value of the voucher but many do not. This is another important thing when it comes to using e-money vouchers.

Another way to buy the vouchers…

…is through a website called beCHARGE which currently operates on the markets of Belgium, France, Spain, Holland, Luxemburg, and the UK. If you’re in one of these countries, it’s a good way to buy Cashlib because the PIN will be delivered to you by email. This cuts down on possibly the biggest downside of e-money vouchers which is having to leave the comfort of your home to purchase them.

User Interface

Cashlib is a very easy to use payment method as it only entails using a PIN code. Whether you got your voucher in person or online it’s used in the same way.

On the merchant’s payment page or on the online casino deposits page select Cashlib as the method of payment and then follow the onscreen instructions which will have you input the code and then verify that you wish to confirm the transaction.

Simplicity is one of the strengths of services like these and Cashlib is no different.

How to Check Your Balance

The service of checking the voucher balance is available on the company website. Simply input the PIN and the current balance will be shown.

However, take into notice that only some merchants will allow “change” to be returned if you spend less than the face value of the voucher.

However, the tool is useful to check the validity of the PIN-code and especially useful if you have vouchers lying around that you are not sure if you have used.

Help Questions

In addition to the standard FAQ section, the company website also has a section dealing with online safety and avoiding scams. It’s a very useful resource for anyone but especially for people who are new to the world of e-money. If you are not sure if something looks right, it’s a good idea to check here.

There is also email support available by filling out a form in the Support section of the website.

Cashlib Promotions

E-money providers know that many use them for online gambling and the savvy companies use this fact to their advantage by offering various promotions.

Cashlib does too, and you can read all about the different promos on their website which is regularly updated with new offers.

Security Features

A great thing with services such as Cashlib is that they are secure by design. Since no personal info is exchanged between you and the merchant there is nothing to steal or abuse in any way.

However, unscrupulous actors online do try to scam people into giving away their PIN codes. Usually, this takes the form of phishing websites or scammers who call you on the telephone and ask for your voucher details or ask you to pay for certain service by using Cashlib or another e-money voucher.

The company takes security very seriously which evidenced by their website which uses modern encryption techniques and the care they put in educating their users about possible scams and abuses. Even if you’re a veteran internet user, it’s good to keep abreast of the newest development and Cashlib helps you do that. But remember the golden rule – never share your PIN with anyone. The only time you should be using your PIN is when you are paying for something through a legitimate merchant’s site. No legitimate merchant will ever ask you to submit your PIN over the phone, SMS or email.

Playing at Online Casinos with Cashlib

Online casinos tend to be very welcoming of different ways to deposit money. It makes sense of course; it captures the largest numbers of players possible.

Cashlib is actually one of the more popular options offered at many casinos, surely in part because the company also runs promotions that give its users bonuses at certain casinos.

In order to use this deposit method at a casino, simply select it from the list and input the code.

A handy list of casinos that accept Cashlib is found at this very page.


Advantages of Cashlib

The primary advantage with e-money services like these is the ease of use and lack of complications. Simply buy the voucher, use the PIN code, and that’s it. No accounts, credit cards, registrations or any of that boring admin that stands in the way of you and your favorite slot and table games.

It’s also a very good way to keep your transactions private and protect your data.

Disadvantages of Cashlib

A big disadvantage of using this deposit method lies in the fact that it cannot be used to withdraw money. E-money is a one-way ticket which means you can’t receive money over it. Hopefully, you will actually win something at the casino and when you do you will have to arrange for another way to actually withdraw your winnings.