Casinos Accepting ecoVoucher

Online payments have become the new normal way of purchasing goods, making payments and receiving money. Bank transfers are way outdated, even though, of course, they still exist. But what financial services and institutions are aiming at today is making all transactions online, easy and simple, and above all, fast.

But what concerns users, online casino players in particular, are the security measures these new methods that appear can offer them, and whether or not their bank account details would need to be disclosed. To give users the chance to make online transactions without revealing banking details and in a safe and secure way, a popular brand has come up with a unique payment solution, called ecoVoucher. What is ecoVoucher?


…as you could assume by its name, is a prepaid method, a voucher system, that is one of the many solutions PSI-Pay Ltd offers, the company behind the mega-popular method ecoPayz. It is a simple solution that provides users with secure and straightforward online payments. Users can use it to pay online just as if they were using ordinary cash. All users need to do is purchase their voucher, and use it across all websites that accept it as a payment method. No bank account or credit card details, no nada. Anyone who is 18 years old or older can purchase it and use it with no strings attached.

In February 2016…

…the company launched the prepaid voucher product as an alternative to bank accounts and credit cards, precisely, for people to pay for goods online easily, or top up their ecoAccount with it. Even though it used to be a solution most suitable for Canadian users, over the years, it became a popular method used in Russia, Japan, India, and countries of the European Union, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. As such, it gives users residing in these countries the chance to make payments in their own currencies. Euro, Canadian dollars, Great Britain pound/sterling and US dollars are the currently available currencies.

In terms of security…

…it should be clear to you by now, considering it is a product under the PSI-Pay Ltd umbrella, that ecoVoucher takes security and safety seriously. It is a product of an FCA-regulated UK company, so you can rest assured that your money is safe. When you learn how the solution works, you’ll see that you get an added layer of protection. Therefore, continue reading and you’ll learn how to get started with the method and how to use it across online casinos.

Getting Started with ecoVoucher

If you’ve ever wanted to get started with a payment method without going through lengthy procedures, ecoVoucher is the one for you. To get started with it, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

To purchase the voucher…

…you would need to visit a reseller or buy it online, in the supported currencies. You will get an 18-digit PIN code which you will later use for online payments. Once again, this solution is perfect for those players who don’t have a credit card or simply don’t want to disclose their sensitive details online.

If you go to its official website, you will find a blog post that explains the whole procedure in detail, but we’ll give you the shortcut.


…you should know that you can purchase the voucher either offline or online. To do it offline, you can find the nearest outlet using the search tool on its website. To do it online, depending on the country you’re residing in, you have many options. For instance, Canadian players can do it via the websites, Top Me Up and Players from the European countries can purchase it through the websites, and Offgamers, example.

The next step…

…is choosing the denomination. You will see that there are several denominations available per country, but the basic are 10, 30, 50, 100, 150 and 250, in the respective currency. Once you’ve chosen your denomination and given the money to purchase the voucher, it will be either printed on physical cheques or shop receipts, or of course, in various virtual forms.

Nevertheless, you will get an 18-digit PIN code, which will be the only requirement when you’re about to use the voucher to pay online. Only one voucher can be used per transaction, and the money must be redeemed in full, so you cannot make deposits in several instalments.

Once you get the voucher…

…you should check the “use by” date. The date is 12 months from when the voucher was issued, so you must spend all the funds on it by the time the voucher expires if you don’t want to pay hefty fees for keeping funds on it.

Even though a solution that can be connected to the ecoAccount, in case you don’t want to use the account but you want to use the voucher as a one-time payment solution, you don’t need to create an account with ecoPayz. However, if you wish to make a withdrawal, you would have to have an ecoAccount, but more on that later.


…the voucher will be a valuable asset if you don’t want to top up your ecoAccount with a method that would reveal any banking details. You could simply use the ecoVoucher that you’ve purchased offline and use it to top up your ecoPayz account. Some players prefer playing with the eWallet, so this is the perfect solution for you if you want to do the same.

Topping up your ecoAccount with ecoVoucher would be subject to a usual 2.9% fee. However, the company sometimes has offers in place which allow some users from some countries to do that for free.

Deposits and Withdrawals with ecoVoucher

One thing is for sure: ecoVoucher is accepted in a wide range of casinos, mostly casinos that already offered ecoPayz before ecoVoucher was even launched. Therefore, you won’t have any problem finding a trustworthy and safe casino to join and play with your voucher.

Once you find an online casino…

…that accepts ecoVoucher, register an account with it. After you provide the casino with some basic information about yourself, you will be required to choose a deposit method. This is when you will need to go to its Cashier page and click on ecoVoucher’s icon from the list of offered methods.


…a window will open where you will initiate the transaction. As mentioned, you won’t need to enter any sensitive details about yourself, but only the 18-digit PIN code you obtained when you purchased the voucher. Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit and confirm the transaction. The best option would be to fund your online casino account with all the money you put on your voucher since the money needs to be redeemed in full if you don’t want to pay fees. You can get a refund at the respective retailer or website that sold you the voucher but only in 14 days after you purchased it.

After you confirm the transaction…

…the money will be on your online casino account to use it as it suits you. Now, we need to mention here that if you are a high-roller slots player, for instance, you won’t be satisfied with the denomination options, since the most you can deposit with this payment solution at one time is $250 or currency equivalent. High-rollers who are used to deposit sums like $2,000 or more won’t be able to do so with this payment method.

To make a withdrawal…

…you would have to own an ecoAccount. As you may as well know, ecoPayz offers the option to users to withdraw money from online casinos straight into their account. So, as long as you create an ecoAccount, you will be able to request a withdrawal with it at any time.

Some operators may require a deposit with a PSI-Pay Ltd brand in order to make a withdrawal with other brands offered by the company. These cases are rare, but since you would have made a deposit with ecoVoucher anyway, you wouldn’t have a problem with your withdrawal.

Just go to the casino’s Cashier page, choose ecoPayz as your withdrawal option, and a window will open where you’ll need to enter your ecoAccount login details. Enter the details and the amount of money you wish to withdraw, and in no time, as soon as the casino checks and approves the request, the money will be on your ecoAccount. From there, you can use it as it suits you.

Benefits and Limitations

Among the benefits…

…the major, the most evident one is that you don’t need to share any sensitive private or banking detail with the casino when you make a deposit with ecoVoucher. Also, if for some reasons, you cannot play with a credit card or another payment method, you can use this one to make your deposits.

In countries like the UK, where gambling with a credit card is already off-limits since January, 2020, depositing with this voucher would be a good solution, for instance. Plus, due to its nature, this payment solution is thus so easy and simple to use.

You just need to purchase the voucher and use the PIN code in order to deposit funds to your online casino account. Since it is an FCA-certified method, it is extremely secure and safe to use. But, the fact that it is a PSI-Pay Ltd product and can be connected to the ecoAccount is what makes it a credible method, one you can really trust with your money.

The downsides…

…though, include the limited denominations and currencies offered. The country restriction is also an issue for those players that don’t have it available in their country. However, the major drawback is that ecoVoucher is not available for withdrawals. You must have an ecoAccount in order to request a withdrawal from a casino. Another problem is that high-rollers cannot use it as it pleases them and deposit a lot of money with it.


Is ecoVoucher’s website available in any language other than English?

Yes. Since it is a payment method available in many countries, its website is available in Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic.

Does it offer Customer Support in case I need help with something?

Yes. In case you need help with something or you have a question about how the voucher works, you will need to go to ecoVoucher’s official website, click on the Support page, and follow the instructions. You will see a contact form which you need to fill out with your basic info and your phone number. Then select the subject or enter your question or comment on the indicated field, so that the Support team representatives can get in touch with you as soon as they can and help you out.

Are deposits instant with this payment solution?

Yes. As soon as you enter your 18-digit PIN code in the indicated field when you’re making a deposit, and confirm the transaction, you will immediately have the funds you deposited on your online casino balance, to be used as it suits you.

Can I make a deposit and play at a casino via my smartphone?

Yes. As long as the online casino you’ve joined supports play on different devices, you can always make a deposit with ecoVoucher via your smartphone. Just go to the casino’s Cashier section and follow the instructions as you normally do with any other payment method, add the PIN code and your top-up will be successful.

Can anyone from the eligible countries purchase an ecoVoucher?

Well, maybe not precisely anyone, but anyone who’s 18 years old or older. You don’t have to be a credit card or bank account holder to purchase the voucher if that’s your concern. All you need is cash or a different payment method in order to purchase your voucher, either online or offline.