Casinos Accepting Vanilla Prepaid

Online casino payments have been loaded with variety, especially in the past couple of years ever since tech advances have been all the craze. Licensed operators are constantly working to surpass their competition and establish a more permanent player pool, and what better way to achieve this than through a safe, straightforward and convenient method of handling player deposits and withdrawals.

Extensive research has been done on the matter, covering everything from security, industry standards through local legal requirements, all the way to player preferences.

As it currently stands…

… many of the online casino player pool is still largely attached to more standard payment methods, and one popular option has always been the Vanilla prepaid card.

The Canadian banking institution Peoples Trust…

… part of the Peoples Group is the one responsible for the issuance of the Vanilla prepaid card. This card has experienced major popularity throughout the years, especially due to the nature of the product. To be specific, the Vanilla prepaid card is issued primarily as an extension of the global credit card payment processor MasterCard.

As they progressed and started taking on even greater payment volume…

… the Vanilla prepaid card additionally partnered with Visa. Hence, nowadays, it is known as one of the top reliable payment methods for both land-based and online payments, considering that their transactions’ security is provided and guaranteed by all the most reputable companies.


Speaking of it, the Vanilla prepaid card is actually unique for several features, starting from their availability.

Geographically speaking…

… the Vanilla prepaid card was initially released by the Peoples Trust based out in Vancouver, logically indicating that the card would cater to the Canadian marketplace. Nevertheless, with the rise in popularity, as well as the even more imminent rise of the e-commerce industry, the Vanilla prepaid card became a standard offering at all leading international brick-and-mortar, as well as online retailers.


What is more, the Vanilla prepaid card comes in specific denominations; in other words, interested holders are able to purchase it as any other regular prepaid card holding a specific amount of funds. The options available for these card holders include

  • $25,
  • $50,
  • $100
  • $200

for those issued through MasterCard.

Alternatively, for Visa-related cards, the available denominations are

  • $50,
  • $75,
  • $100,
  • $150
  • $250.

Here, it is important to mention that there are several types of Vanilla cards; aside from the prepaid option discussed here, there is also the OneVanilla card option issued by MasterCard, as well as the Vanilla Gift card. In this regard, the former comes specifically with a $20-$500 denomination range when it comes to the amount of funds it can hold in its balance. Bear in mind that the same range is also available for the Vanilla Gift card option.


All these denominations of the various Vanilla card options can be found at a variety of locations. Anyone interested in purchasing a funded prepaid card, or alternatively funding a OneVanilla card with the permitted range can do so at the following gas stations, convenience and drugs stores, and additional retailers:

  • Mac’s
  • Walmart
  • 7Eleven
  • Petro-Canada
  • Jean Coutu
  • Shell
  • London Drugs
  • Giant Tiger
  • Corner Store
  • Express Mart
  • Ultramar
  • Best Buy.

As for the Vanilla Gift card, there is a different set of retailers where interested buyers can get one:

  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • Dollar General
  • 7Eleven
  • Sam’s Club
  • HEB
  • Speedway

Alternatively, you are also given the option to obtain the card straight from the official website. All you have to do is select the type of card you would like from the dropdown menu. If you access the gift card site, you will be given one of the following options: Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card, Vanilla Visa Gift Card or Vanilla Discover Gift Card.

Additional Features

One feature of the Vanilla card…

.. is that it has a strict expiration period, so make sure you keep an eye for it in order to be able to use it to the maximum. However, even if you do miss the expiration period, you will still be able to gain access to your funds through your online account at the respective website, and ask for a renewed card by addressing the highly responsive customer service and support representatives.

In this line of thought…

… the online access and balance management is another welcome feature of the card, especially since they allow the Vanilla prepaid cardholders to view their balance and transactions, manage funds and even add a postal code to their card for specific online purchases.

Considering this functionality, holders can be additionally assured in the reliability of this payment option, as it features the specific options for standard compliances. One such includes the Know Your Customer standards, particularly addressed with the option to add further information about the profile of the cardholder.


… the cards are active right after purchase, meaning that you won’t need to go through lengthy activation delays or authorization procedures. Plus, the payment method with all its variants is completely secure and protected by the latest in encryption, chip readers and PIN technology, allowing for even greater convenience for its users.

Vanilla Prepaid at Online Casino Sites

As mentioned earlier…

… great competitiveness among the online casino community has given rise to online banking services, prompting old ones to revolutionize their existing solutions, as well as new ones to launch theirs. Either way, Vanilla is a payment solution that has been launched primarily as a regular plastic card solution supported by the two major networks Visa and MasterCard.

However, they recognized the needs of the market at the time and additionally provided options such as access through an online account, as well as the additional features – adding a postal code, making online payments and even splitting the charge between the prepaid card and another payment method (more on this below).

How to Make Deposits with Vanilla Prepaid?

While it may seem like Vanilla prepaid is a complicated payment method, an overview of the actual process of making a deposit with the card will definitely prove you otherwise. Just follow the steps of the procedure as illustrated here, and you shouldn’t have any trouble making use of your Vanilla prepaid card balance when funding your online casino adventures.

Step 1: To get started with this kind of online casino banking, interested players are first off recommended to get a card with the specific balance they have estimated to go through during their gameplay. If you already hold a card, make sure to check your balance in order to avoid any additional complications for your first online casino deposit with this payment method. Additionally, you will need to check for its availability at the chosen casino site, although thanks to its associations with leading international institutions MasterCard and Visa, Vanilla prepaid holders are privileged with wide acceptance.

Step 2: Once you have made all the necessary checks, all you have to do is register or sign up at your casino site of choice. This should take no longer than a minute, and will additionally give you an opportunity to check out the Welcome bonuses offered by the operator. That way, players can stay informed about any pending benefits that could boost their bankroll, and additionally decide on the best deposit amount to meet their needs.

Step 3: Once inside the casino lobby, head to the Banking/Cashier page and look for the Vanilla logo at the deposit options section. Click on it in order to trigger a new window – here, players will be provided with a set of boxes that need to be filled with the specific information. This includes the number of the card, your name and last name as the holder, the expiration date as well as the specific amount you would like to transfer from the card into your casino player account.

Step 4: After specifying all the necessary information, players are solely required to confirm the transaction. This will see the funds immediately transferred to the online casino account, so players are able to use them directly at their favourite slots and video poker titles from the game software library. Alternatively, should they have deposited at least the minimum qualifying amount, they will be able to claim a range of bonus offers and promos, so be sure to check out the options beforehand.

Contrary to this, Vanilla prepaid cards can also be used at land-based retailers, casino operators and similar merchants. In this case, you can use the card to pay for services, either as a direct funds transfer or as a typical debit card (with a PIN).

What is more…

… it is important to bear in mind that some merchants may require preauthorization and hold your card balance for longer periods of time, 3 to 7 days. Afterward, they are bound to cut hold of your funds, perform the transfer and allow you to continue using the card. This is hardly likely to happen with online casino operators, and will most often be experienced at gas pumps or restaurants that could be late on billing and thus hold off your balance.

Withdrawing from Online Casinos with Vanilla Prepaid

Unfortunately for online casino players that prefer this payment method, the Vanilla prepaid card acts just like any other of its kind and serves holders solely for deposits. As stated straight from their official website, the card does not support any cash out options from standard ATMs or point of sale locations as well.

As a result, players…

… that have started off their online casino experience with the Vanilla prepaid card and are lucky enough to hit a win will simply need to address some of the alternative payment methods when requesting withdrawals.

In this regard, they may benefit from a standard debit or credit card option from some of the worldwide leading companies – other prepaid cards, American Express, Discover, Paysafecard, or even InstaDebit. A similar plastic card or virtual card option is available from the major e-wallet services Skrill, PayPal and Neteller, mostly in cooperation with the MasterCard establishment. On a different note, simply selecting the e-wallet solution for their withdrawal purposes is still bound to turn out successful.

Advantages of Vanilla Prepaid Online Casinos

With these, and additional features that the Vanilla card packs as part of its standard payment method offering, there is no denying its advantageous nature. Especially when it comes to online casino players, looking to make the most of every cent they have set apart for their bankroll, the benefits are that much more appreciated.

  • Availability – Availability is definitely one of the greatest strong suits of this payment method. This refers to the many different ways in which players can gain access and become prepaid cardholders, as well as the residents of specific territories eligible to make use of this benefit.
    For starters, the Canadian player pool is definitely one of the primary user bases, considering that the service is actually headquartered in the city of Vancouver. Nevertheless, an even greater benefit is the fact that US residents are equally eligible to obtain the card at all licensed retailers. This includes a number of markets, drugs stores and gas pumps, as well as other locations, making the Vanilla card a most available payment option.
  • Security – In terms of security, it has already been mentioned that the card features some of the highest security standards, as well as encryption capacities. Holders can be sure to have their personal information completely safeguarded, even though thanks to the nature of prepaid cards in general, they don’t actually share much of their personal info with the service in the first place.
  • Partnerships – The banking company’s partnerships with both of the leading card payment processors Visa and MasterCard are just as advantageous as the rest of the features. While it is only an association in theory, this allows online casino players, and other cardholders alike, to make use of their cards in virtually all locations where the globally accepted Visa and MasterCard are featured as a payment method.
  • Convenience – The ability of cardholders to gain access to their prepaid card account through an online service is a much-added convenience. Thus, in addition to the number of purchase locations, holders additionally have even greater freedom when it comes to checking their current accounts – all they need to do is sign up for the service from the official website and access their profile. Getting immediate access to the funds’ available in the account allows cardholders to manage them better and thus benefit even further from them.
  • Customization – While the sole ability to access your prepaid plastic card through an online service is a convenience in itself, what makes it all the more accessible for cardholders is the customization options featured in it.
    One of them is the ability to attach a zip code to your prepaid card account – this will make it all the more easier to make payments at specific online retailers that may have additional requirements.
    Other than that, customization of your account now additionally includes a PIN code; this way, Vanilla cardholders can actually make use of their prepaid card like any other standard debit, including the security that is further contributed by the PIN.
    The ultimate customization feature is even more unique – Vanilla prepaid cardholders can choose an additional payment method when trying to cover a charge that is bigger than their available or permitted card balance. Hence, anyone looking to make a larger payment online would only need to contact the customer support of the respective e-merchant in order to get authorization for this type of payment. Afterward, simply specify the amount you would like to use from both the Vanilla prepaid card and your additional payment method and confirm both transactions.
  • Variety – The variety of the service is most evident through the different types of cards available – OneVanilla, Vanilla prepaid and the Vanilla gift card. Each of these are set to provide holders with the standard conveniences of the service, as well as other benefits which are specific for the card they are using.

Disadvantages of Vanilla Prepaid Online Casinos

  • Fee Policy – While the Vanilla cards don’t really feature a significant fee, this has been known to be a disadvantage for some cardholders. Among them, online casino players are known to have a rather negative experience due to the fees, especially since they are looking to make the most of their online casino bankroll without incurring fees.
    For those interested in getting the Vanilla prepaid card, you should be aware of the activation fee that is charged immediately upon purchasing the card, as well as the standard 2.5% foreign exchange fee charged for all transactions made in a foreign currency. As for Vanilla gift cards users, you should know that instead of fees, you are most likely to experience additional funds hold, especially in restaurant and hospitality venues, as they calculate an additional 20% of the bill and charge it as a form of tip.
  • Withdrawal Restrictions – Still, the top major disadvantage that Vanilla prepaid online casino players are bound to experience is the restriction to perform specific payments. In their case, it is withdrawals. Players are going to need to address a separate banking method for all their online casino cashout needs, as the prepaid card, much like any other of its type, does not accept transactions made in the opposite direction. What is more, when speaking about restricted transfers, holders will additionally need to find a different option for their recurring billing charges, as they too are not allowed to be covered via Vanilla prepaid.
  • Online Casino Scarcity – The last of the top noted disadvantages of the service is the fact that online casino players preferring this payment method will need to seek out longer than usual in order to find a suitable online casino. While the method itself isn’t as rare, it will take players an additional amount of time to check for the bonus section, games portfolio, VIP Rewards, and even available currencies. Finding a casino that meets all these needs, and still features the specific payment method in their Cashier could be a slight inconvenience and stall the gameplay process.

Customer Support

On a final note, the customer support…

… of the payment service needs to be addressed as it is an equally important feature. When it comes to the Peoples Trust, and specifically the Vanilla card in all its varieties, it is important to point out that both names resonate with reliability and a reputation of a trustworthy service throughout its field of work. Hence, when it comes specifically to the matter of customer support, nothing short of excellence has been expected and delivered.

More precisely, customer care representatives are available for holders of the different prepaid cards, so you may choose between a dedicated phone number or physical address depending on whether you would like to pose an inquiry or make a complaint about your Vanilla card, or specifically your Visa or MasterCard prepaid card.

Due to being located in Canada…

… the service has additionally addressed the dual language situation, and both the website and their customer service contacts can be reached in either English or French. This is additionally frequently met in Canadian online casino sites, as they are just as interested in approaching their player pool with the greatest and most suitable services.


From the information provided so far, it is easy to conclude that the Vanilla prepaid card is an excellent payment method, both for on and off the casino floor. Cardholders are able to enjoy a number of benefits, and despite the few shortcomings, still, end up with a rather rewarding payment experience.

Online casino players…

… will especially benefit from the low fee charges, widespread coverage and accessibility of the card, as well as the blackjack and roulette tables at the reputable Vanilla prepaid online casino operators.