Casinos Accepting Credit Cards

Credit cards have turned into one of the most preferred payment methods all over the world. They are characterized with fast, easy and secure use, which is found attractive by customers not only for purchasing goods and services, but for other purposes as well.


Credit cards are a type of payment cards, which provide users with the opportunity to pay for different goods and services. A very typical feature of credit cards is the fact that making a payment with one is based on the holder’s promise to pay for the goods.

The card’s issuer creates a revolving account and a line of credit is granted to the customer, who in fact borrows money in order to pay for a purchase or service. Credit cards offer the opportunity for a continuing balance or debt, which is subject to interest charged by the issuer of the card.

Believe it or not, credit cards are also some of the most preferred way of topping up a customer’s account when it comes to online casinos. The history of credit cards dates back from 1950 and ever since then they have turned into an extremely important part of our lives.

However, unlike other common payment methods that you can use in online casinos, credit cards might be considered as a bit harsh decision due to many reasons we will talk about a bit later. First, you should think about the process of issuing a card – it can be considered a bit longer, especially if you know how fast the deposit can be carried out using wire transfer or prepaid card, for example.

The credit card issuer usually needs information on the customer’s previous credit history, income information and some other details in order to determine the right amount of credit a customer can get.

The interest rate also varies depending on a great number of factors and the bank itself. Basically, if you are about to start gambling, credit card is far from the best option to use when it comes to online casinos simply because you might lose all of your money without even getting a notification for that.

Types of Credit Cards

A great variety of credit cards, which can meet everyone’s personal needs, requirements and financial state are available. Here are two of the most widespread methods – secured and prepaid ones.

Secured credit cards

This type of credit card is secured by a so-called deposit account, which is already owned by the customer. Normally, the cardholder is required to deposit between 1005 and 200% of the desired credit’s amount. There are still cases when the deposit required may be lower than the credit limit, being as low as 10% of the latter.

The deposit made by the customer is usually held in a special savings account by the credit card issuer.

Prepaid credit cards

No matter the name of this payment method’s type is a prepaid credit card, this is no actual credit card because no credit is truly offered by the issuer. The money spent by the cardholder has been stored via a previous deposit made either by the cardholder or a third party.

However, the credit-card brad is carried by the card, which can also be used in similar ways as the regular one. Prepaid credit cards normally do not require a PIN code, and the only exception are cards that are embedded with an EMV chip.


Credit cards have become some of the most preferred payment methods mainly because of their convenience. Using such a payment method can same you a lot of time and troubles when it comes to looking for an ATM device or keeping cash on hand. They also provide customers with the opportunity to keep track on their expenses, because card statements and summaries are kept.

A great number of loans granted to people by card issuers are low-cost ones. In addition, the cash advances are very fast and convenient, offering you cash available whenever you need it.

Another advantage of credit cards is the flexible credit offered. An interest-free period is usually offered by most cards, which basically means that the customer can benefit from free and short-term credit in case their balance is cleared to the fullest extent by the due date. In addition, there are multiple incentive programs offered, which guarantees you that you can easily find one that is suitable for you.


Probably the greatest setback of credit cards is the possibility of overuse. If we need to put this in other words, revolving credit offered to customers makes it easy for them to lose control and spend beyond their means.

Having a credit card also means some extra paperwork for the customer, because they will need to save all receipts and check them on a regular basis. Still, this is a reasonable step to take in order to be sure you have not been overcharged.

Another disadvantage of this payment method are the high-cost and unexpected fees, which increase the amount of the customer’s credit. In addition, there is no interest-free period for cash advances. Usually, the interest rates for cash withdrawal are significantly higher in comparison to the ones for balance transfers or purchases. The fact that there is no interest-free period, which basically means that interest is charged from the date of the withdrawal, makes this setback even more serious.

Credit Cards and Online Gambling

Using a credit card at online casino is rather simple. In fact, if you have used credit card for any other purpose in your life, then you will not have any problems topping up you online account.

There are several steps you need to complete in order to use it. You need to go to the cashier’s form, enter the information of your card, the sum you want to deposit and just wait a couple of seconds to see whether the transaction was approved, or not. You also need to know that the sum you can deposit varies mainly in correspondence to your credit limit and also complies with the maximum and minimum amount allowed by the casino.

However, many players all over the world have troubles using credit cards to deposit money into their accounts. There are numerous reasons why such problems might occur, such as the legislation of your country or other international laws. This is exactly why, before deciding you will use credit cards, it might be better for you to check all those issues and consider some other payment methods that will not cause you any troubles.

A good idea might be to call your bank and ask everything you can think of. Some of the most important questions are about the process of issuing credit cards, the fees included, are you eligible of depositing money online, and so on. After you get all those things straight, you can clear your mind and decide whether or not using credit card is the best way to deposit money in your account at the online casino you have chosen.


Although credit cards are some of the most attractive options when it comes to both making purchases online or playing in online casinos, customers should be aware of both their advantages and disadvantages before making any hasty decisions. The convenience and fast transactions made when using a credit card are an important part of the everyday life of a lot of people, but still, the eventual setbacks should not be underestimated.


What Is a Credit Card?

Credit Cards are among the most popular types of payment methods, and they make it possible for you to pay for a vast array of different services and goods.

When Were They First Introduced?

The world’s first credit cards came in 1950, and since then they have become extremely important in our lives.

How Can You Get a Credit Card Issued?

You will need a revolving account at a bank, and before you get one, the issuer will ask for info on your previous credit history, your income, and perhaps some other data before he or she can determine the amount of credit you can get with your card.

Are There Different Types of Credit Cards Out There?

There are numerous types of credit cards for different users and specific purposes, but the two most widely used kinds are the prepaid and secured ones.

What Are Prepaid Credit Cards?

This isn’t actually a real credit card as it doesn’t come with any credit, and it usually has a limited amount of cash on it.

What Are Secured Credit Cards?

These are secured by a deposit account owned by the card holder.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Credit Card?

It is safer than having cash on hand, you can easily keep track of all your expenses, and you can also easily get loans, cash advances, and flexible credit, too.