Casinos Accepting CashtoCode

One of the greatest advantages of online casinos is that they offer plenty of payment methods in their Banking page, giving players a wide choice and the freedom to choose the one that suits them most. What players look for in an online payment method are fast and secure transactions, preferably ones that do not ask them to share banking details with the casino. One such payment method is CashtoCode. What is CashtoCode and why use it across online casinos?

As a voucher…

…that has been around since 2013, CashtoCode is an excellent payment solution for all online casino players who don’t wish to share credit card or bank account details with online casino operators. It is operated by a Berlin-based company Funanga, so it still compliant with financial laws in Germany, yet you’re not required to disclose any banking details with the casino you intend to join and play at.

Therefore, it gives you the chance to make safe and regulated transactions across online casinos while keeping your financial and private details to yourself.

Its platform…

…connects 100,000 retail locations and online merchants, online casino operators included, across some major countries in Europe. That’s right, it is a Europe-based payment solution that is easily accessible to players from many European countries.

What’s more, if you go to its official website, you will see that it is available in multiple languages, corresponding to the countries it is accessible in. Its site is available in English and German, obviously, but also in Greek, Turkish, Polish, Russian and Italian. Germany, Austria, Italy, and the UK are the countries where it is available as a payment method.

It was designed…

…as a voucher system that would make it possible for online users to make quick and easy payments without sharing too much about themselves. That’s why ever since it was launched, it has been frequently used across online casinos by players who wish to stay anonymous.

In fact, there are several online casinos promoted on its official site as its exclusive partners that offer it as a payment method, among which NetBet, Casumo,, and BitStarz all popular casino sites among online casino players. But many other lottery sites and betting sites like Lottoland and bWin are also found among the list of online services that offer it as a payment solution. Therefore, all you have to do is go to its website and search for some of its online gambling partners, to look no further and find the site that suits you most!

Getting Started with CashtoCode

As you have probably gathered, CashtoCode’s strongest suit is that if you decide to use it, you won’t ever be asked to reveal bank account or credit card details to the casino. This is one major advantage that online casino players appreciate the most with payment methods. But then, you must be wondering how to use it, how to purchase or fund the voucher, if not via a credit card or bank account?


…CashtoCode is based on a system that would allow for secure and anonymous transactions. As such, it would ask of you to follow several simple steps in order to get started with it. Contrary to other vouchers, you would first have to join an online casino that offers it as a payment method before you purchase it. Then, you would have to follow the steps in order to get issued with a barcode. Make sure you print this barcode because you’ll need it soon to complete the transaction.

You will complete the process with the casino after you enter some basic personal information. This information will serve for further authentication when you reach the next step.


…you would need to go to its official website. On the homepage, towards the bottom, you will see a store locator button. Here, you would need to enter your home address, and the store locator will find the nearest store where you can purchase your voucher. Bring some cash and go to that store. Give the store staff your barcode and the cash. The cash you deposited will be instantly available on your online casino account.


…you have another solution. Considering most online casinos today can be accessed via any mobile device, you could first get to the store, and log in at the casino right there. You could speed up the entire procedure by repeating the process described above and fund your online casino account on the spot. From there, you can take your online gambling on the go right away. You could leave the store and sit on the nearest bench to start playing your favourite online casino or lottery games.

Using CashtoCode across Online Casinos

You probably already got the idea of how depositing here is done. But let’s go through the procedure in detail, with step by step instructions.


…you would have to find an online casino that offers CashtoCode as a payment method. In addition to the casinos mentioned earlier, you have plenty of others to choose from, and new ones are being added to the list continuously.

After you find the casino that you like the most, which offers the games you like to play, go to its Banking page or alternatively Deposit/Cashier page. Look for CashtoCode’s icon and click on it. With this, you will start the depositing process.


…you will see a new window appearing. This is where you would have to enter some basic personal details, and the amount of money you wish to have on your online casino account, ergo, the money you will later deposit. After you click on the “Deposit” button, you will be rerouted to CashtoCode’s official website. Here, you will need to repeat the same process as described earlier. You would need to search for the nearest store, and select it as the one where you’ll go to make your deposit. At this point, you will complete the process and you’ll automatically get a generated barcode.


…get to the store you selected, and let the staff scan the barcode. Give them the cash you wish to deposit, and the transaction will be completed. The shortcut to this entire process is you being physically present at the store when you log in to the casino and initiate the transaction.


… as the case is with any other voucher, you cannot use CashtoCode for withdrawals. Since it is a voucher, you can use it only to make online payments, or in this case, online casino deposits. To make a withdrawal from the online casino you joined, you would have to look for an alternative payment method, such as an eWallet or traditional methods including many cryptocurrencies.s.

Pros and Cons

CashtoCode is an online payment method that gives online casino players many benefits, but of course, it has its drawbacks, too. The benefits prevail, naturally, and that’s why many players have chosen it as their preferred solution for making deposits across online casinos.

Among the many benefits…

…the biggest one is that this payment solution is a very safe one. Not only it is regulated by the German authorities, but it also keeps your identity hidden from the casino. You are not required to share any detail, any detail at all, in terms of bank accounts or credit/debit cards. That way, whichever deposit you make at your casino of choice, it won’t ever appear on your bank statement. You will keep your choice of entertainment to you, and no one will ever know you played at an online casino.

On that note, since it is a voucher, it gives you control over your online casino spending. You can only spend the money on your voucher to play games, and not a cent more. This will contribute to your responsible gambling habits, and will save you from the trouble of going into debts when you cannot afford to gamble more.

Besides, transactions with it are fee-free and instant. No annual fees, no maintenance fees, no transaction fees apply, and the minute you add money to your voucher, the money is sent to the recipient’s address. No waiting for hours, days and even weeks, like with other traditional payment methods.


…the fact that you must go to the store to purchase it is its major downside. You have to leave the house and go to the store in order to fund your online casino account. There’s no online option to fund your voucher, and that’s the thing that discourages online casino players most when they’re doubting whether to use CashtoCode for their online gambling or not.

There’s another thing that bothers online casino players, and that’s the fact that you can make no withdrawals with CashtoCode. You would have to use it for deposits and look for another solution for withdrawals, and that’s too complicated for some online casino players.

Finally, the fact that it is available in Europe, but not all across Europe, is another disadvantage. You can only use it if you’re residing in Germany, Austria, Italy and the UK. However, as time goes by, the voucher system expands its reach, so maybe in the future, stores in other countries will become available.


Is it possible to use my bank account details and fund online?

No. As explained, you need to initiate the transaction from your online casino site, but you would still need to go and physically fund your voucher at the nearest store. No purchases are available online, even if you’re willing to share your bank account details.

Can I somehow arrange with the casino to make a withdrawal?

No. You can only make deposits with it, period. Even if the casino is willing to make arrangements with you, the voucher does not offer the withdrawal service itself. You would have to make arrangements for the use of a different payment method for withdrawals, but CashtoCode is not one of your options.

Are multiple currencies available for funding the voucher?

At the moment of writing, you can only fund the voucher using euro, and that’s evident considering the solution is available in Europe only. However, as mentioned, the solution plans on expanding its reach, so if more countries are added to the list of countries that offer it as an online payment solution, probably new currencies would be added as well.

Does the voucher have an expiry date?

As a matter of fact, yes. Once you purchase the voucher, you can use it within 7 days upon the purchase. Therefore, you won’t need to transfer all of the money you funded the voucher with all at once on your online casino account, but you can split the money and use it within the 7 days.

In case I experience a problem with my transaction, who do I contact for help?

The first thing you should do if you experience a problem with your deposit is to contact the casino’s Customer Support team. They should be able to help you out, but if the problem is more serious, you have another option. CashtoCode offers its own Customer Support service, via email and phone. There are phone lines for Germany and Austria available every single day from 06:00 to 22:00. You can call the agents and they will do their best to solve your problem. If the problem is not urgent or you simply have a question to ask, make sure you write them an email.

What guarantees that the cash I give the store staff will reach my online casino account?

When you initiate a transaction via your online casino, you get a code. That code is the guarantee that once you give the store staff the code and the money, the money will reach the casino account and cannot get anywhere else. The code is the guarantee that the money will go to the online casino address and nowhere else.