Casinos Accepting MiFinity

When playing across online casinos, players get the chance to choose from a huge list of payment methods. They get to use all kinds of bank-issued cards, eWallets or other online payment services, suited to their needs. One name that is being found across casinos more and more often is MiFinity. This is an online payment service, which in addition to other solutions, offers the eWallet option to its users. So, how is MiFinity different from other eWallets? What does it have to offer that others don’t?


…first of all, MiFinity is owned by the UK company MiFinity UK Limited. This company is licensed by FCA and has more than 15 years of experience in providing online payment service. In fact, it collaborates with all kinds of sectors, including travel, education, retail banking, insurance, airlines and construction, and it is certified by Union Pay. As such, it offers online casino players something that they’re tirelessly looking for in other payment methods, which is credibility. This payment solution has proven to be a method that offers all the elements to be considered a legit and safe method.


…has a growing global network, and continues expanding its reach. Thanks to its regulated and highly secure platform, it manages to support the MoneyExpress remittance program, and thanks to its latest technologies, it also provides acquiring services. Its key objective is to connect merchants, consumers and businesses. Therefore, it provides them with all kinds of products, including virtual card programs, but the cornerstone of its offerings is the eWallet. This eWallet enables the money transfer to almost anywhere in the world, thanks to the local payment services it has partnered with, and its banks’ network.

The eWallet…

…just like any other eWallet, it an excellent solution for users to load it with money and use it as it pleases them. People mostly use eWallets to ensure that the money they have on their bank account would not get abused or stolen online. But before they choose an eWallet to use, they make sure the eWallet service itself is a secure one. Well, with MiFinity, users get precisely that: a service where they can store money they are comfortable spending, which is completely regulated and licensed by the proper authorities, and which uses the most advanced technologies to move your money in a safe and secure way.

However, this payment solution offers so many other things that attract online casino players specifically. And even though we asserted that it is a method that deserves your attention and trust, above all, in this overview, we’ll try to inform you of all of its strengths.

Getting Started with MiFinity eWallet

One of the things that usually discourages people to start using a specific payment method is when they see how complicated the process of getting started with it is. Well, you won’t experience that with MiFinity, because it is a payment method which is extremely simple to use from the very beginning.

In fact…

…when you get to its official website, you will see the solution is really user-friendly. In simple words, and with step-by-step instructions, the service is providing users with the assistance they would need to create their accounts.

On that note, you can create an account, as you will see in the instructions, either on the official website itself, without downloading any software, or by downloading an app for your iOS and Android devices. Should you choose any of the apps, you would have to go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store, find the MiFinity app and download it in a few clicks.

You can use the eWallet service on your mobile device by opening your app on your device and logging in. Should you want to use the online, browser-based solution, you would need to open your favourite browser, go to the official website, simply log in and start using the eWallet.


…your eWallet would be as easy. Considering MiFinity has partnered with major leading payment services such as MasterCard, VISA, Klarna and Trustly, among others, you will get the chance to top up your eWallet with credit cards, prepaid and debit cards, as well as other eWallets and your local bank’s online banking service.

And even though to fund your wallet, you would probably have to share some banking details with MiFinity, you can rest assured those details will be kept safe and will never be shared with anyone else. What’s more, when you’ll start playing with it across online casinos, those details would be off-limits, you will never be required to share them with the casino.

Deposits and Withdrawals with MiFinity

Considering MiFinity has received the recognition it deserves all across the world, by different industries and businesses, it has also got the attention of the online gambling industry. When operators see its potential, the things it has to offer, that prove beneficial for them and their players, they instantly add it on the list of their accepted payment methods. Therefore, you will currently find many online casino sites that offer it, but new sites are being added to the list of casinos that accept it continuously.

Once you find…

…an online casino that is trustworthy, regulated and safe, which offers MiFinity as a payment method, you should create an account with it. Then, go to its Cashier/Banking section, and find the eWallet, in order to make your first deposit.

To make a deposit…

…with MiFinity, as you will see, you would need to go through the same process as with any other eWallet. As soon as you click on its infinity sign logo, you will see a new window open. This is where you should enter your MiFinity eWallet log in information, ergo, the username and password, and the amount of funds you want to have on your online casino account. Confirm the transaction and the money will instantly be available on your casino balance, to use it on any game, be it a Live Dealer, slot or a table game, depending on your preferences.


…is as simple. You need to repeat the same process. You need to go to the casino’s Banking/Cashier section, go to the Withdrawals part, find its logo and click on it. Enter the eWallet details and the funds you’d like to withdraw. This time, however, the transaction will take a little bit longer, because the casino needs to review your withdrawal request and approve it. It would need to ensure that the money you’re requesting to withdraw is available on your account, and whether you’ve met the wagering requirements or other terms if you’ve claimed a bonus. After the casino approves the withdrawal, the money will be on your wallet account in no time.

Keep in mind, though, that even though online casinos that accept it as a deposit method also accept it as a withdrawal method, this is not always the case. You need to double-check whether the solution is available for withdrawals, too, or look for a different solution. MiFinity is a solution that supports withdrawals on its part, but you need to make sure whether the casino allows withdrawals with it.

Advantages of Using MiFinity Across Online Casinos

As introduced, this payment solution is perfect for online casino transactions. There are several benefits you get by using it, some of which were already mentioned, but are worth repeating.

Its greatest strength, as you could see, is that it is a reliable online payment solution since it is properly licensed by the FCA, it has 15 years of experience in facilitating online payments and it has a global partner network.

Speaking of the global network, thanks to the MoneyExpress remittance, this solution can support the transfer of money to almost anywhere in the world. Therefore, regardless of your country of residence and the country the casino is based in, the money will go through. Whether you’re playing from Norway and the casino is based in the UK, you will have no problems with your deposits and withdrawals using this solution in an instant.

On that note, a major advantage with this payment method is that you’ll get instant deposits. The minute you confirm your deposit, the money will be on your casino account to be used right away. As explained, withdrawals take a bit longer, due to the withdrawal verification and approval processes on the casino’s part.

Considering MiFinity is a global payment method, used and accepted in over 170 countries across the world, it enables easy and effortless payments in multiple currencies, and its apps support over 17 world languages. Therefore, this solution was designed to cater to a vast audience, from anywhere around the world.

In addition to being an extremely user-friendly solution, it is also a convenient one to use, since you can access it via any desktop and mobile device. If using it via your smartphone or tablet, you can receive and send money with MiFinity with your email or mobile number.

This brings us to the two most important benefits. One, you need to share no bank account details with the casino, regardless of whether you’re joining it via your mobile or desktop device. All you need to do is provide your eWallet details and you’re good to go. Two, the transactions with this solution are really cost-effective. Withdrawal fees of just €1 and deposit fees of 1.8% apply, which means you would need to pay €1 for casino withdrawal transactions, and only €1.80 for a €100 casino deposit transaction. These are exceptionally low fees, excellent rates for online casino deposits and withdrawals.


In addition to the fees charged by this payment solution, will the casino charge further fees?

Probably not. Online casinos are careful with fees, because they know players are repelled by them. Therefore, if they see that the payment method already charges fees, it is highly unlikely that they will introduce fees as well. Double-check, however, this fact before you join an online casino you like. If necessary, contact the Customer Support for confirmation.

Are there any maximum withdrawal limits I should be aware of?

On MiFinity’s part, no. However, you need to check for withdrawal limits with your online casino. You can do that by reading the Terms and Conditions of the casino or by going through its FAQs section. Alternatively, you may need to go to the Banking page at the casino and see whether any mention of limits exists. Most casinos limit the amount of withdrawals, so make sure you get the right information before joining the casino.

Is this wallet accepted in many European countries?

As a matter of fact, yes. It is accepted in most European countries, actually, and considering it is available in over 170 countries globally, you would probably not have problems using it from your own country.

Who do I contact if I experience a problem with my transaction?

First of all, you would be advised to contact the Customer Support available at the casino. If the agents aren’t of any help, then, you always have MiFinity’s agents at your disposal, to assist with anything you need. There’s a phone line and an email address you can use to get in touch with them, explain your issue and get your response.

Are there any special promotions that I can claim with this payment solution?

Some operators give players the chance to claim bonuses and promotions for playing using eWallets, so if you find such offers, then you would be able to claim them. However, you should know that even if such offers are not available at the casino you’ve joined, you can still claim any bonus that is not specifically related to the payment method you’re using. There are plenty of regular bonuses across casinos, so you can rest assured that you’ll have an offer you can claim.