Casinos Accepting Boku

As online casinos gain popularity, more and more gamblers prefer the comfort of their home to the hustle and bustle of brick-and-mortar casinos. As a result of the increasing numbers of web gamblers, nowadays there plenty of payment options which provide secure and fast transactions to and from casino websites. One of the newer methods is Boku which allows virtual players to manage their funds via their mobile devices.

The convenience and the safety of this platform definitely guarantee punters smooth payments and easy control over their funds. The service cannot be used for withdrawals but it can certainly help players deposit money to their gaming accounts.


Boku was found in 2009 by Erich Ringewald, Mark Britto and Ron Hirson. It took possession of two UK companies, Paymo and Mobillcash, which have been working in the carrier billing field for many years. The company first launched the Boku Checkout service which lets the consumers to use their phone numbers and make online purchases which are credited to their prepaid phone accounts or their monthly mobile bill. This service is still pretty popular among online players who make deposits to many top gaming platforms.

Throughout the years, Boku have expanded its services in many countries around the world and have provided its customers with a more convenient payment method. In 2015 the company launches its new service, Boku Accounts, which allows consumers to save their mobile number in an account and set it as a default payment option for their future online purchases. It gives mobile users the opportunity to buy music and pay for different services online while crediting the purchases directly to their mobile bills.

How Does It Work

Boku allows players to make deposits through their mobile phones. This does not require any information for debit or credit cards and you do not need to create an account to complete your payment. Paying with Boku is pretty easy and fast and the only information that you need to provide is your phone number. If you decide to load funds to your casino balance via Boku, your purchase will be added directly to your phone bill.

Using this service to top up your gaming account helps you manage your funds in a fast and convenient manner. The reason why Boku is a perfect way to handle your online payments is that you can make a deposit without wasting time to create an account or filling in any additional information when initiating the transaction. Another aspect that many virtual gamblers may see as an advantage is that there is no need to provide credit or debit card details. This means that punters can play anonymously without sharing any sensitive information.

There is also no need to have a bank account because your deposit will be billed to your phone account via Boku. In order to use this service for your interactive gambling, you will need to activate a mobile phone with Premium and Carrier Billing services. You can also make payments with Boku if you use a prepaid phone card or pay-as-you-go phone. In this case, the charge will be deducted from the balance of the phone account. If the player does not have sufficient funds, the transaction will be declined.

Boku is available in more than 60 countries, including major markets such as EU, UK and the US. It also provides its service for over 250 mobile networks all around the world. The service works with the local currencies of the supported countries. If you are not sure whether the country you reside in supports Boku payments, you can always head to the deposit page of the online casino where you play your favourite games. Look for the payment methods you can use to top up your account and you will be able to see whether you can use Boku’s service.

Deposit With Boku

If the online casino where you play, accepts payments via Boku, then you will be able to upload funds to your balance in no time. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their debit or credit card information. Not to mention that other payment options require creating an account and sharing the player’s banking information. Uploading funds to your e-wallet or prepaid card may slow down the depositing process even further.

This is why Boku provides players with a fast, yet a very secure way to transfer money to their casino account. In order to top up your gaming balance, all you need is your phone number. To make a deposit, you must go to the Banking Page of the interactive casino where you play. Select the Pay by Mobile option from the list of payment methods and you will see the Boku logo. The next step is to enter your phone number and select the amount you would like to load to your casino balance. You will receive a message on your phone which will prompt you to confirm your deposit. As soon as you do that, you will be able to see your funds in your gaming account and place bets in the casino where you enjoy your favourite games.


Since players who decide to make a deposit to their casino account via Boku must confirm their transaction, they will be asked to reply to the message that they will receive. This means that consumers will be charged the standard price for messages determined by their mobile operator. You should also check if the casino where you play charges any additional transaction fees. All these fees, however, are not imposed by Boku. If you happen to pay any additional charges, they will be determined by your mobile carrier or the interactive platform where you play online.

If you want to check your recent transactions, you can use Boku Customer Care Portal. In order to see the purchases you have made via Boku, you will need to log in to your personal Portal. This can be done by choosing your country and entering your phone number and PIN code which you have received during your last transaction. If you do not have a PIN code, you can always request one to be sent to you via a text message. You will not be charged for receiving the PIN.

The Portal allows you to keep track which payments were successful, which failed and which are still in progress. You can also keep track of what was the amount you have deposited to your casino balance. If you want to stop any future payments, you can also block your phone number from your Boku Customer Care Portal.


The great thing about using Boku for making deposits is that you do not need to provide any personal or sensitive information. By simply using your phone number you are able to make safe and fast deposits and boost your casino balance. The simplicity of this payment method, however, does not mean that your funds are not secured. If you need to complete a transaction you must confirm it after receiving a text message. No money will be transferred to your gaming account if you do not confirm your payment.

When you enter a sensitive information such as your personal phone number, you can be sure that the data is encrypted with a secure socket layer technology (SSL). This means that no one can read the information, even if they gain an access to it. You can be sure that Boku will never contact you and ask you for any personal information. The only exception is when you initiate a transaction and you need to confirm it by replying to a text message.

Access via Mobile Devices

Since Boku is a service that connects merchants with the subscribers of mobile operators, clients are able to receive different promotions and advertisements for applications and services. Boku allows merchants to promote their products via different communication channels such as web portals, mobile ads, e-mails, SMS alerts, etc.

If a subscriber is interested in a promotion, they can use their phone number to activate and trial the service. They can use any device to make a purchase, including their smartphone. Being able to access a certain service and even pay for it, using only your mobile device and phone number, makes virtual shopping a lot easier. If the interactive casino where you place your bets can be accessed via your mobile device, you can make a deposit via Boku instantly. All you need to do is go to the Banking Page, choose Boku as your payment method and enter your phone number. Once you confirm the transaction through your phone, you will be ready to play on your favourite mobile platform.


Using the service of Boku for managing your virtual casino balance is fast, easy and secure. There are plenty of advantages of making payments via your phone. This method requires no credit or debit card information. You will not need any bank account either. Using an e-wallet can also be inconvenient as it requires creating a profile and uploading funds before you can make any purchase. All of these steps are unnecessary if you opt for making a Boku deposit. The only information you need to provide is your phone number. The charge will be directly billed to your mobile account, making your gambling experience smooth, easy, and enjoyable.


What is Boku?

A popular online payment method derived from the Boku Checkout service, which first started off all the way back in 2009. Since 2015 it operates as Boku Accounts.

How it works?

Well, basically you save your mobile phone number in a Boku account and set it as the default payment method for all your further purchases. These end up crediting your mobile phone bill.

Do you need to share any personal info?

No, it is completely anonymous.

Can it be used for making withdrawals?

No, it can’t.

Are there any fees involved?

It all depends on the bank and mobile operator you use.