Casinos Accepting iDeal

iDEAL is a relatively new payment method that allows customers to make online payments through their bank. The e-commerce payment system is primarily used on the territory of the Netherlands, but is steadily gaining popularity.

iDEAL Overview

The payment system was officially introduced in 2005. Up to date, iDEAL is being used by more than 500 million online payments.

iDEAL is a less known banking transfer method that is only available to those of you who own a bank account in one of the following Dutch banks: ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank, Van Lanschot Bankiers. iDEAL is a very advanced system that gives its users the ability to quickly make online purchases or pay for services, and even deposit money in casinos that support iDEAL as a payment method.

Currently, iDEAL is becoming increasingly popular amongst customers, who are looking for a convenient way to pay their bills and local taxes, buy mobile credits, pay fines or make donations to charities and non-profit organizations. More than 100,000 web-based shops and organizations accept

How to Use iDEAL

The iDEAL system works in co-operation with your online banking application, so you won’t have to bother with registrations, downloading files or any other operations of this sort.

Unfortunately, iDEAL is only available in Netherlands, so this method isn’t so well-known outside of the country. However, every Dutch gambler can confirm that this is one of the best ways to deposit money into an online casino. It is quick and convenient, and absolutely safe, which has turned it into the favorite online payment method of hundreds of thousands of Dutches.

What is specific about iDEAL is the fact that the payment system is not actually a centralized one. It is actually a collection of technical agreements made between transaction processors and some banks, thanks to which the system is implemented in the online banking service offered by banks.

How Does iDEAL Work?

iDEAL provides a real-time payment method to merchants that are accepting online payments from their customers. The service offered by iDEAL is considered not only a low-cost one, but practically a risk-free one, because the same environment as the banks’ online banking options are used.

The system works in a fast and easy way. First, it is offered by a merchant as a payment method. If a user wants to use the method, they need to select iDEAL and then select their bank, after which the web page is redirected to the login page of the user’s bank. Then, the customer need to fill in the transaction data, as well as their account number and signs the transaction digitally through a 2FA token.

The transaction is authorized by the bank in real time, and the money are deducted directly from the bank account of the customers. The transaction is refused in case there is not enough balance in the user’s account. In addition, a real-time confirmation of the transaction is received by the merchant.

After the operation is completed, the user is redirected back to the merchant page and a confirmation of the successful payment is displayed.

Depositing with iDEAL

In order to deposit money into your iDEAL online casino, you will need to login with your casino account and go to the “Deposit” panel. Once there select the iDEAL option and asked to select the bank which you have an account with.

Once this step is completed, you will be taken to the online banking application where you’ll have to fill in information about your bank account, as well as payment details (currency, amount, etc.). Once everything is done, your money will be transferred into your casino account in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, there is one major setback – iDEAL cannot be used to withdraw money from an online casino, so you will have to look for an alternative method to withdraw your winnings. A quick tip – most Dutches who use iDEAL to deposit money into an online casino, withdraw their winnings via wire transfer.

One of iDEAL’s biggest advantages is the fact that the gamblers have to deal with a user-friendly and familiar interface. Instead of having to learn an entirely new payment system, you’ll be able to control the transaction directly from your bank’s online system.

In case their payment with iDEAL failed, every customer can quickly and easily check on their bank’s history, which is provided on the availability page of the payment system. This is how they can determine if there was an error experienced by iDEAL at the time of the transaction. The bank is also obliged to provide thorough information in case of a problem with the iDEAL payment.


No matter that iDEAL is still not among the largest payment method providers, it has become increasingly popular among customers thanks to the fact it is considered one of the safest ones that currently exist.

The system offers high level of security due to the fact that there is a two-factor authentication (2FA) used when making a payment through iDEAL. There is also a challenge-response access token, which is based on the chip that is embedded in the user’s debit or ATM card.

No sensitive personal or bank account information is ever revealed with third parties, including the merchant.

Mobile Version

Portable devices such as smartphones and tablets are getting more and more used these days, which makes them an important part of customers’ everyday lives. This is exactly the reason why iDEAL has prepared a Mobile version of its payment system that is to make it easier for all users who want to make transactions over the Internet through a portable device.

iDEAL Mobile has been especially developed in order to offer the payment method’s customers the same options as the one offered on their personal computers, but making the whole experience even more convenient.

Currently, it comes in two versions – a payment service, which uses the Mobile Banking application of the bank and a payment service, which uses a mobile website.

The mobile or the PC version is not the only option for making a payment through iDEAL. The payment system has also provided an option for merchants to send and iDEAL payment request to their customers as an e-mail link. The link redirects the users to the website where there an iDEAL payment request is ready and waiting. All that the user is required to do is approve the payment.


iDEAL is a great solution when it comes to making secure, safe and authorized online payments directly between bank accounts. The payment method is standardized and offers an opportunity for a direct link to be established between the system of the merchant and the participating banks.

Over the last few years, iDEAL has been gaining a reputation of a trusted online payment method, which provides its customers not only with convenience, but also with security and safety that their personal and bank account data will not be presented to third parties.


What is iDeal?

iDeal is an e-commerce payment system that was first introduced in 2005.

Who can use iDeal?

Unfortunately, not everyone can use it, as it’s meant only for those who have an account at one of the Dutch banks, Van Lanschot Bankiers, Triodos Bank, SNS Bank, RegioBank, Rabobank, ING, Friesland Bank, ASN Bank, and ABN AMRO.

Can it be used for both deposits and withdrawals?

No, it can’t. You can use to place a deposit at your favorite online betting venue, but you will have to use another banking method for withdrawals.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, pretty much, as it involves a two-factor authentification with each and every money transaction.

Which platforms does it cover?

You can use iDeal on both desktop and mobile devices.