Casinos Accepting POLI

POLi currently offers the most popular web-based real-time debit payment system on the territory of Australia. The company that owns POLi payment system – POLi Payments – was purchased by SecurePay Holdings on October 1st, 2014 and became fully-owned affiliate of Australia Post.


POLi is one of the newest online payment systems that is currently available in Australia. The platform itself is pretty interesting, because it does not involve the use of credit cards, so there is no risk of revealing sensitive financial information to malicious users.

At the moment, POLi’s system works with both AUD and NZD, and it is aimed to providing Australian users with a neat and safe way to pay for goods and services online.

POLi casinos are becoming quite common nowadays, so Australian users will surely appreciate the fact that their favorite online payment system is getting more and more popular among online casinos. Despite all of POLi’s advantages in terms of efficiency and safety, there are still some negative things that we must mention.

First of all, users do not have a personal POLi account and therefore they cannot use the system to withdraw funds. This basically means that customers are limited to just depositing money into your online casino account.

How Does POLi work?

The only thing you need to start using the POLi Payment Application is a bank account with one of the following New Zealand and Australian banks – Keep in mind that you can also use the contact details listed on POLi’s website to receive more details about this payment method and how you can benefit from it.

Another problem that is related with POLi is the fact that this is one of the few payment methods that have an online form for requesting transaction refunds. Many people are complaining about errors with their money transfers, but so far the form has been working flawlessly, and according to user reports, no funds have been lost because of errors made by POLi.

If you already have a bank account with a supported bank, then you can download the POLi Web Browser which will connect with your bank account and help you deposit money into your online casino profile.

As mentioned above, POLi is a web-based payment system that provides customers with the opportunity to use their online banking in order to pay for the goods and services in a safe, risk-free way. What POLi offers, is a exclusive alternative to credit cards, secure payment experience and no registrations needed. The paramount goal of the system is to make the online transactions of its customers quick and easy.

One of the best features of POLi is the fact that both customers and merchants receive an immediate confirmation when a payment has been made through POLi. A receipt, which allows the merchants to provide the goods or services to their customers as fast as possible, is received. The merchants are also provided with the opportunity to initiate a link to POLi from a URL created by themselves. The URL can be placed in a text message or e-mail, as well as on a PDF document.


POLi is available for both customers and merchants, which is why its policy varies when fees are regarded. When it comes to a physical user to use POLi, there are absolutely no fees and taxes, which makes the service totally free.

And when a merchant is interested on providing the POLi service to their customers, there are no establishment taxes. The merchants based in Australia and New Zealand are not charged on a monthly basis. The standard rate of POLi is 1% capped at AU$3. The system also provides some alternative rate plans for non-profit organizations, billers, tec.


Security is a top priority of POLi, as a significant importance is placed by banks on online security of their customers. These safety standards need to be matched or improved by associated payment companies, which is exactly why POLi pays so much attention on the security of its users, no matter if they are individuals or merchants.

If customers are looking for a convenient and affordable payment by operating a proxy method, POLi is what they are looking for. Operating payments over a proxy makes the system more secure, because it does not require a registration and users are in fact accessing their original bank accounts via the servers of POLi.

The proxy method is only a way for POLi to confirm that a money transaction is finalized. The payment system, however, does not collect or store any data like usernames and passwords, which is exactly why POLi is preferred by many customers.

POLi guarantees that no malicious users can access its customers’ personal or bank account data during a transaction over the system, because no sensitive information is stored or cached over the process. The transactions require HTTPS transport level security.

The payment system also takes care of an external security vulnerability as well as penetration test with an authorized security firm on a regular basis. The communication in the transaction process is over SSL using 2048-bit SSL Certificates.


POLi’s payment service comes as an independent provider of innovative online transaction services. The payment method does not require neither customers, nor merchants to register in order to access an account on the system’s website. It also does not require any relationship with a specific bank.

What POLi offers is an innovative, fast, secure and a risk-free payment method system, which is available absolutely free to customers who want to use it in order to pay for their goods or services directly from a certain merchant’s website without using a credit or a debit card.


What is POLI?

POLI is an online payment system that’s available only to residents of Australia, as it works only with AUD and NZD.

How Does it Work?

It is a web-based payment system that requires no cards, but it does involve using online forms when you want to request a transaction refund.

Is it Safe?

Yes, it is, but the customers claim that the forms can sometimes be involved with errors. Still, no lost funds were ever reported.

Does it require a registration?

No, it doesn’t, and you don’t have to share any of your personal info to start using this online payment system.

Are there any fees involved?

There are no fees or taxes involved, but the standard rate involved with POLI is 1%, but it is capped at 3 AUD.