Casinos Accepting Sofort Banking


This is a payment system offered to those living in Germany, Switzerland and Austria – those living in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain can also use the system, however, it’s called Pay Now by Klarna instead. You’ll find that this payment method is accepted at a huge number of online casino websites and it’s trusted by casino players throughout Europe, as transactions are incredibly safe, as well as really fast. What’s more, there are no fees for using this payment method, unlike other companies, including PayPal and Neteller.

This is a really easy payment method to use, and there’s not much to do before you can start paying in this way. Why not learn everything you need to know about this depositing option by reading through this comprehensive page? You can then head to a top online casino recommended by us and deposit money using this method.

Getting Started

To get started using this payment method, most people need to do… absolutely nothing. This is because there’s no need to sign up with anything in order to use this service. Instead, you just need to have a bank account with a bank that supports payments of this type. You should double check that your bank supports payments from this company before you try to use this method – if it doesn’t, you’ll have to select a different banking option instead.

Of course, if you don’t have a qualifying bank account, you could simply open one. It usually doesn’t take much to get a new bank account, and once you’ve got one, you’ll easily be able to use this depositing option – one of the most popular depositing options around for German, Swiss and Austrian online casino players.

Casino Deposits

Firstly, you’ll need to find an online casino in Germany, Switzerland or Austria that accepts this payment method. That shouldn’t be too hard, as many of the casinos we’ve recommended accept payments from this company.

Once you’ve located a suitable place to play, you’ll need to head to the banking page, before then selecting this option from the list. You will then need to fill in the required details, including how much money you want to deposit. This is also usually the time to enter a bonus code if you have one.

You will then be redirected to the Sofort Banking website, where you’ll need to fill in data such as your account name and account number. You then log in to your online banking and get the transaction number, which you then use to confirm the transaction. You’ll then find yourself directed back to your online casino, where the money will be ready and waiting for you.

Casino Withdrawals

Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw using this banking option. This means that you’ll have to choose a different banking option when you want to withdraw your winnings. Many people will simply withdraw using their credit or debit card, which is exceptionally easy, while others will choose to use one of the many different e-wallets, such as PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that your details will be safe, providing you play at one of the online casinos we’ve recommended here on this site.


The first advantage of this payment option is the fact that it’s secure – something that should be really important to every online casino player. It’s secure because it acts as a middleman between the online casino and your bank account. The result? You’ll never have to provide your banking details to the casino you’re using. What’s more, this payment method is regulated by a plethora of different regulatory authorities, which only increases how safe it is to use.

You’ll also find something else that’s very attractive with this payment option – it’s completely free to use. They won’t charge you a penny for using their service to make payments, and most online casinos also won’t charge for using this option.

No fees mean something really important: you’ll get to spend as much money as possible playing at your chosen online casino.

It’s also the case that a number of different online casinos allow deposits to be made using this method, and more are adding the option every day. We’ve reviewed many online casinos that allow you to deposit funds in this way. Why not find the best one for you by reading through the reviews here on this site?


…deposits made using this option are incredibly quick. In fact, by the time you’ve been redirected back to your online casino, the money should already be in your casino account. Most other depositing options also offer instant transactions though, so this speed doesn’t differentiate this method from other ways of paying.


There are a couple of disadvantages to using this method, and the first has already been mentioned: you can’t withdraw using it. Some people are particular about using the same method for deposits and withdrawals, as it makes it easier to keep track of incoming and outgoing funds, so these people won’t be able to use Sofort Banking. This isn’t a massive downside to the method though, as most will simply withdraw using credit/debit card instead.

The other disadvantage is that it’s not widely available around the world. In fact, only those from Germany, Switzerland and Austria can use the system. This means that those from all other countries will have to use a different option. You will also find that this banking option only uses Euros and Swiss francs, so those looking to deposit using other currencies, such as US dollars, will have to look elsewhere. This could make things confusing if a player is trying to deposit at a casino that only accepts another currency.


What’s the relationship between Sofort and Klarna?

Both used to be separate companies until Klarna bought out its rival. When this happened, there was a rebranding process, with the name changed to Pay Now by Klarna in many countries. Germany, Switzerland and Austria still use the original name though.

Why is this payment method so popular?

There are many reasons why it’s incredibly popular, however, the biggest is the level of security it offers. You’ll also find that all transactions are completely free, plus deposits to your casino account are instant.

Does my bank account support this payment method?

This payment method is accepted by the majority of major banks found in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We would recommend contacting your bank before you try depositing though, just to make sure they allow transactions of this type.

What are the deposit limits?

The minimum you can deposit is just 1 EUR or 5 CHF, making this method great for those with smaller budgets. The most that can be deposited in a single transaction is 2,000 EUR or 2,500 CHF, which should be enough for most players.

Where’s the best casino offering this payment option?

You will find that there are loads of casinos offering deposits using this payment method. It’s not possible to say which is best, as everyone has their own criteria when choosing a site. Check out our reviews, which you can use to find the perfect casino for you.