Casinos Accepting AstroPay Card

AstroPay Card is excellent and safe online payment method that can be effectively used as to make payments to many websites. Nowadays a great part of online stores and casinos are integrated with AstroPay and that is why many users choose this immediate solution for making payments.


AstroPay card allows the users to make purchases easily and to pay in their local currency. Apart from this, you can choose among the most popular payment methods that are currently offered in your country.

Registering within AstroPay Card is fast and absolutely free and there aren’t any additional fees. Once you buy this prepaid card, you can use it more than one time, which means that you do not have to use all the funds in a single transaction. For instance, AstroPay Card is ideal option, in case you wish to make partial payments or to use it several times on different websites that offer AstroPay as a payment option.

Some countries still introduce monthly and daily limits for the number of AstroPay Cards that could be purchased. As far as the validity of these prepaid cards is concerned, they can be used for 1 year, from the day they are given to the customer.

AstroPay Card is not reloadable, which means that after spending all of the card balance, the prepaid card could no longer be used.

How to Register Your AstroPay Card

Registering with AstroPay Card is easy and fast. Users do not have to expose any personal or financial information, which guarantees for the safeness of the process. All you need to do is complete the requested information through the website and wait for an email with a link that will confirm your account. Once you go to that link, you finish the process of registration.

How Do You Purchase

After you have already registered, you need to select the value of the card that you wish to buy. Choose the payment method that you prefer and wait to receive the card details by email.

Depending on the payment method that you pick, the deadlines for the AstroPay Card delivery confirmation may vary. They range from seconds to 3 banking days. Should you need further information, check the payment options that AstroPay provides for your country.

Users can pay for their AstroPay Card in their local currency by choosing a payment method that is available in their country. What AstroPay offers is: online bank transfers and deposits, cash deposits, prepaid pins or direct debits.

How To Use The AstroPay Card

To make deposits with the AstroPay card, go to the checkout page and pick AstroPay Card as a payment method. Then, enter the 16-digit number of the virtual card, as well as the security code and the expiry date. The confirmation of the payment will be made immediately. AstroPay is constantly adding more and more websites, where you can use these virtual prepaid cards.

Users are given the option to merge the balance of their AstroPay Cards, in case the cards have not expired yet. To merge two cards, you need to buy a new card and when you receive all the card details on your email address, you can already contact the customer support and to request the merging of the balances. Once the merging is completed, you will receive a confirmation to your email address.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using AstroPay Card

AstroPay is absolutely free payment method that does not include extra charges. Receiving your prepaid virtual card is simple and users benefit from the fact that are allowed to buy the number of cards they want. Controlling your balance is easy and safe, as other websites or third parties do not have access to the financial information, concerning the users. The process of receiving a card has been facilitated by the fact that AstroPay is compatible with home banking accounts as well as with local payment methods.

One drawback, when using AstroPay Card is that the time for the card delivery confirmation may vary, depending on the payment method that you choose. Another thing to keep in mind is that the number of AstroPay Cards that you are allowed to buy still depends on your the country where you live. Another disadvantage of AstroPay is that users cannot make withdrawals from their casino accounts when using this payment method.

Making Deposits in Online Casinos

Many players prefer to use the virtual prepaid cards, offered by AstroPay for a number of reasons. Firstly, depositing funds with AstroPay is easy and done exactly in the same way as a payments on the Internet. You only need to choose AstroPay as your payment option on the casino’s page and then to write the amount of money to make the deposit, as well as the card details.

The whole procedure is simple and won’t take you more than a couple of minutes, including the confirmation. Secondly, online casino players choose AstroPay because they do not have to reveal any personal or financial information when depositing funds. Another reason why players trust the AstroPay Card is that when they buy prepaid virtual card, there is always less risk to spend more money than you can actually afford. The fact that AstroPay Cards are free of extra fees, also makes them a preferred payment option for the online casino players.


What makes this payment method so safe is that AstroPay is compliant with all the bank regulations, in the countries where it is available. The users’ information is fully protected by the privacy policy. The fact that all the payments are directly performed by the users, gives a guarantee that no personal information will ever be exposed .


AstroPay Card is online payment solution that gives you the chance to make purchases to hundreds of websites that accept this payment method. Thanks to these prepaid virtual cards users can easily make deposits in online casinos in a safe and fast way and they can excellently protect them from overspending because they use only the funds that are available on the prepaid card.


What is AstroPay?

AstroPay is a prepaid card that can be used for various different types of purchases online, and it can be used more than one time.

Are there any limitations?

Yes, as there are countries that have daily or monthly limit for the number of AstroPay cards you can purchase, and each card expire after 1 year. Once you spend all the funds from the card, it cannot be reloaded.

How to register?

Registering is easy, and it’s completely free. The best thing about it is the fact that you don’t need to share any personal or financial info. They just need your name, email, password and country of residence.

How to make purchases online?

It’s simple, as you just need to choose which method you want to use, including debit cards, cash deposits, bank transfers, and so on, and then enter your 16-digit security code. Once the payment’s confirmed, you will be notified by email.

Are there any fees involved?

No, there are not, as the service is completely free.

Can you use AstroPay to place deposits at online casinos?

Yes, you can, but always check whether your casino of choice accepts it.

Are there any deposit limitations?

The least amount you can deposit is $25, while the upper limit is at $500.

Can you qualify for casino bonuses?

Sure you can, but always check the offers first, as some casinos have bonuses dedicated to specific banking methods.

Can you use AstroPay to make withdrawals?

No, you can’t since this is a prepaid card. You will have to rely on some other banking options for such transactions.